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Malaysia, 18 April 2011
First Market in Blue Mosque, Shah Alam

Islamic Market with Dinar and Dirham as medium of exchange in Shah Alam Malaysia

It was the brightest morning today in Shah Alam despite it was raining. In the Big Blue Mosque there was a gathering of Sidi Mazli's facebook dinar community that brought light and life to the magnificent but otherwise dormant and empty mosque, the biggest in Malaysia.

Dinar activists from several states came to the mosque this morning to greet each other and celebrate the freedom of choosing Halal Money, to celebrate indeed Islam itself. "Hey, what is your FB nikname?" - they would ask each other, because they previously communicated via internet only. "Ah, that is you! And what is your real name?"

They have brought along their products, and after the durse delivered by Sidi Khairudden they opened their stuff for sale right there, at the mosque's marble veranda. Hj Awaludin as usually stood by with the supply of coins, so the Halal trade went on briskly. I bought organic chicken, at a good price by the way: 3 chickens (1.5kg each) -- for 2 dirhams. There were rice, honey, goat milk, dates, T-shirt with emblem "Kita Terima Dinar dan Dirham", etc. One guy from Terengganu drove 8 hours to bring rice to Sidi Mazli's market, which was quickly sold 1 dirham/10kg.

The joy and enthusiasm of people was overwhelming, paying for goods with sound money of Saidina Umar's standard was a thrilling experience. After 100-year of Riba banknotes and practices transacting again in harmony with Divine Law and Sunna was a profound spiritual stir seen on the radiated faces. These are the people you want to hear giving testimony in the dinar seminars.

To my knowledge this was the first open market in KL or even Malaysia in the last years. Although it was a kind of flee market in the gold dinar context it was an important market. In Indonesia the murabitun hold this type of events almost every week, going to mosques, schools, even if they have just 10 traders. The best da'ua is by example, and the best way of learning is by action.

After today's event I am certain: the dinar revolution has began in Malaysia.

Allah has forbidden usury and allowed trade. La Hawla wa la Quwwata ila Billah.

Artikel asal : wakalanusantara

Permulaan muamalat dinar dirham mendapat sambutan dan galakan pelbagai pihak.

Semoga akan ada lagi event yang sebegini.


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